reflection paper

reflection paper

Reflection Paper(1-1.5 pages/single-spaced) on the required Reading and Viewing Assignments . Please see Writing Prompts that may help you orient your personal reflections. in this paper you state your basic thoughts and any personal insights about this week’s assignments. The Reflection Paper may express agreement, perplexity, or respectful disagreement with the two Readings and the Viewing segment featuring Captain Paul Watson, original founder of Greenpeace.

there are two readings and one video that you should read and watch before you start writing

the first reading is on the pdf file attached

the second reading is on the link below

John Ikerd. Who Pays the Cost of Water Pollution & Depletion? (pdf, 5 pages)

the video is on the link below

Captain Paul Watson, Founder of Sea Shepherd, explains why and how we should protect oceans’ fauna and …


below is the writing prompts

1.This week as we glance towards the bodies of water that support the earth, we must ask ourselves if we are concerned about the oceans and seas, and why?

2.Your response to the short presentation by Watson and, what, if any, part of his talk particularly resonated with you.

  1. Please discuss industrial aquaculture as per the article by Stier & Hopkins.
  2. How does Professor John Ikerd’s paper tie in with this?


Answer Preview…………….

The oceans and seas are critical to the survival of the planet Earth and any informed person will realize that. While feigning ignorance, many governments have failed to realize the importance of these water masses and instead fight over the territory for industrial operations as opposed to protecting the masses. I will give the example of the South China Sea conflict which…………………….

APA 1169 words

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