reflection paper

reflection paper

Reflection Paper(1-1.5pages/single-spaced) on required Reading and the two Listening Assignments (due Wednesday). Please see Writing Prompts that may help you orient your personal reflections. This is the last of seven Reflection Papers in which you state your basic thoughts and any personal insights about this week’s materials. The Reflection Paper may express agreement, perplexity, or respectful disagreement with the Reading from your Text (Joel Salatin on Healing) and the two mp3 Listening segments featuring CEO Ethan Brown & Bruce Friedrich.

there are one reading and two listening that you should read and listen to before you start writing

the reading is on the pdf file attached

the first listening is on the link below

the second listening is on the link below
below is the writing prompts

(1) Please offer your comment on Joel Salatin’s essay “Healing: Restoring Health, Wealth, and Respect to Food and Farming”.

(2) What are your thoughts on the partnership of Ethics & Economics as you perceive it from the interview with Ethan Brown, CEO of Beyond Meat?

(3) In the interview with the Good Food Institute founder & director, Bruce Friedrich, we are introduced to a new type of ‘agriculture’ with powerful financial backers. What are your considerations? And, why are companies like Tyson interested?



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Answer Preview…………….

In Joel Salatin’s essay Healing: Restoring Health, Wealth, and Respect to Food and Farming I was really fascinated with his sense of humor and passionate conviction especially on the integrated farming practices. His way of farming system of integrated rather than the most familiar segregated system of farming explains that he had great vision about maintaining the lives of animals and the same time ensuring they are produced through the food system. I also……………………

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