“Reflection” Please respond to the following

“Reflection” Please respond to the following

  • Describe the most important piece of knowledge that you gained during this course.
  • Compare and contrast your knowledge of transnational crime before and after completing this course. Examine two (2) ways your understanding of the topic has changed.
500 words
i have attached previous assignment in the class so that u can know what to answer

Answer Preview…………….

The most critical piece of knowledge that I gained in this course is the unfairness as well as the corruption that exists in the fight against transnational crime. The discrepancies in the pr-trial interrogation in Japan concerns because it shows the lengths that the prosecutors are ready to go to so that they can complete a case. In a country that claims to uphold the constitution, I expect the criminal justice system to follow it to the latter, including sustain every citizen’s right………………

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