Reflection Worksheet

Reflection Worksheet

Over the course of the term, you have been developing your sociological lens, which is a way to see and understand the social world in new and different ways. You have examined the significance of culture, the formation of the self, several types of social inequalities, the influence that social institutions have on our lives, the power of group cohesion and deviance, and the constancy of social change.

To complete this assignment, review the Module Eight Worksheet Guidelines and Rubricdocument.

Use this article:

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 sociology personal reflection
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Read the article titled Asking Sociological Questions and reflect on the course material by answering the following questions in complete sentences (1–3 sentences per question). Your responses will be graded using the Module Eight Worksheet Rubric.


1. Describe how you can use your newly developed sociological perspective in your everyday life.


The sociological perspective has helped me gain an insight into understanding the society including cultural diversity, social interactions and institutions, norms and behavior, and rules and regulations. It would also help in understanding the social problems that affect society from a different perspective while seeking and developing appropriate solutions. For example, through the sociological aspect of the social institutions of marriage and family, I have learned how to develop the correct questions to answer the reason for the existence of violence between partners as illustrated by Kaufman (2013).



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