Reflective Essays

Reflective Essays

Reflective essay- the learner will write to reflective essays describing personal insight into what was learned in Basic Leaded Cousy, using the Army writing style, and reflecting on how to apply acquired knowledge into real world situations. The standards will include essay organization, the conventions of standard written English and the Army writing style, writing with a purpose, critical thinking in writing and organization of an essay that is composed of no less than 500 words and no more than 750 words

*Choose 2 lessons that you feel we’re the most useful or important to you as a leader and explain why.


  1. Leadership class
  2. Critical thinking class


* write and essay for each of the two topics you selected.

*Explain how you will implement what you learned from the lessons when you re turn to your job.

*Describe the possible obstacles or barriers to your implementation of what you learned and how you will overcome the obstacles or barriers.

*essays should be no less than 500 words and no more than 750 words.

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Reflective Essay on The Critical Thinking Class

The critical thinking class was a wonderful experience with significant lessons that remain applicable in my future life and career. In a society faced with diverse issues that need solutions, critical thinking remains essential for everyone. At first, I thought that adjusting to this class would be difficult because of its specific guidelines and procedures. Alternatively, it might be because I am always anxious about my decisions since I sometimes find it difficult to think critically. But I developed the courage to g……………

APA 531 words

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