Reflective Journal: Who Am I?—The Journey Continues

Reflective Journal: Who Am I?—The Journey Continues

This week you continued to study inequities resulting from various forms of resistance to diversity. You focused on the origins and nature of privilege and oppression and on four additional “isms”: sexism, heterosexism, LGBT-ism, and ageism. In what ways has your attention on any of these topics influenced the way you perceive yourself? What insights or questions do you now have as a consequence of your studies this week?

Title this assignment: Diversity Profile—Week 5 and complete the following:

In response to the question “Who Am I,”

Add three new insights about yourself related to any or all of the following:


oinstitutional inequities





Review the list you created for your “Diversity Profile” last week with this week’s insights in mind. Then decide if the words and phrases you used to describe your social identities are still adequate. Change, delete, add to, or keep the list as is.

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 Reflective Journal: Who Am I?—The Journey Continues

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