Regional Capital of Paris City

Regional Capital of Paris City




Paper 1: Capital City; Paper 2: University Town; Paper 3: Regional Capital
This assignment requires you to select a European city of your choice and perform a basic
geographic analysis of it. You will conduct your research, write an approximately 2 page
descriptive narrative of your research findings, and include at least one map of the city. You MUST
cite your sources! Be prepared to briefly present your Euro-city orally to the class.


Answer Preview……………….

Paris is the capital city of France. The absolute location of Paris is 48° 51’ N, 2° 21’ E.  The relative location of Paris is located in the Northern Central France, Europe. Paris, France is bordered by Germany, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. It is also bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The climatic region of Paris is typically similar to the western European climate. Overall, the climate is mild and temperately wet. The North Atlantic Current influences the climate. The primary landform of Paris is the Paris Plateau also known as Ile de France within the Paris Basin and the Seine river (Daul et al., 2018) The geographic site of Paris is positioned at the center of Ile-de-France along the Seine River. The physical geographic features of Paris include historic sites, physical attractions, and architectural buildings. Examples include the Paris basin, Trough Between Faults, the Seine River and valley, and urban landforms. Paris remains one of the dense sites of cultural activities in Europe (Daul et al., 2018). The country is ruled by the president who is the head of State of France. The Prime Minster of France is the head of the government. The fundamental law of the constitution guides the country. With an area of 105km2 and a population of over 2 million, Paris is the most popular city in France and a center of trade…………….

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