Regional integration

Class –

In general I’m very pleased with the content and quality of your first round of reports. Those of you who took the time to practice your presentations impressed me the most. Hopefully you are taking the time to internalize the information compiled by your class mates and are beginning to think in terms of NAFTA and why Canada, Mexico and the USA agreed to create the largest multilateral agreement in the history of world trade.

As we begin the second part our our class next week and start to discuss NAFTA, please get yourselves familiar with the three member countries by reviewing BOTH the WORD and POWERPOINT files for each country. I have posted all 6 reports on Moodle for you to read in preparation for your midterm exam.

Note that your TEST will be comprised of TWO questions BUT here are THREE for you to review and prepare your answers:

ONE – based on the articles read and discussed in class, as well as the POWERPOINT LECTURE FILE that I posted on Moodle, discuss and defend your stance on GLOBALIZATION. Is globalization the right approach toward achieving balance, success and sustained growth in the world economy? Or is it not – why? Or does globalization bring about both positive and negative results? Why? Explain your answers using terms and principles discussed in class and in the Nelson’s textbook. Which key world organizations play a role in regulating globalization and how do they achieve this task?

TWO – based on the class presentations and the WORD AND POWERPOINT files that all of you created about Canada, Mexico and the USA, select and discuss 4 to 5 factoids that make EACH OF THE THREE NAFTA MEMBER COUNTRIES prime trading partners. HINT: review your notes from the presentations and READ BOTH THE WORD AND POWERPOINT FILES. All files are now posted on Moodle.

THREE – define and explain PROTECTIONISM using the class lecture materials.  What happens when a country’s trade barriers are too high or too low? Are you pro or against it and why?

I recommend you prepare an OUTLINE FOR EACH OF THE THREE QUESITONS IN ORDER TO ORGANIZE YOUR THOUGHTS / IDEAS. Should you have any questions send me an email message before Wednesday and I will be happy to spend time with you one on one.

Best of luck with your preparations!

See you in class.





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Is globalization the right way of achieving balance?

            The world is a wonderful place today as a result of globalization. Today, goods are manufactured in one place and consumed in another place. Through this, consumers are in a position of obtaining different brands of commodity. Besides this, globalization has also made it easy for companies to access raw materials. Through these initiatives, globalization is the right approach of achieving balance, hence enhancing global economic growth. Through globalization, countries have been in a position to specialize in the production of certain goods and services, an aspect that has led to the presence of high quality products in the market  …

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