Religion & Culture in the West

Religion & Culture in the West


Paper should be at least 750 words and try to keep it under 1500 words. I prefer between 1000 words to 1500.

The book name is: Religion & Culture in the West: A Primer, 2nd Edition (Green Cover) Dell deChant Analysis.

I attached the chapter 3, I hope it easy to read.

Present a short formal analysis of deChant’s Primer. This paper about chapter 3,( Secularization) The paper must do the following:

  • Offer a brief sketch (summary/overview) of the reading, including note of topic, major sections, and subsections.
  • Specify the primary focus of the chapter and how it is addressed. Think about this as the question the author is trying to answer, problem to be solved, issue to clarified.
  • Identify at least three key terms and concepts (other than religion) used by the author, note their meaning, and explain how author uses them to develop the Chapter.
  • Specify the author’s most important points (at least two) and explain why they are important.
  • Explain what the author is saying about religion and secularization.
Answer Preview……….
The initial section introduces the readers to the standard account on the grounds of underlying propositions and the primary ideas of the thesis. The other part of the chapter depicts the historical procedure of secularization in Western Culture from its foundation in the Christian perspective via the contemporary retro (Dechant, 2015). The standard narrative is followed by historical analysis. Additionally, this briefing appreciates the standard account as a vital foundation for explorations into culture and religion in the contemporary West. Even though the secularization thesis is rejected or accepted, its portrayal of history is essential in and of itself……..
APA 837 words
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