Religion and Psychology

2-3 pages, double spaced

 Support your answer with ethnographic examples from class materials.

Drawing upon Victor Turner’s description of Ndembu rituals, write an essay comparing and contrasting symbolic/interpretive (Turner and Geertz) approaches with cognitive (Boyer and Keller/Lehman) approaches to religious symbolism.

*please use in-text citation


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Studies inform that since time memorial, interests in religion, spiritual and cultural theories have never been greater. While archeologists, anthropologists, philosophers, classicists, psychiatrists, evolution biologists, and scholars of culture and religion have tried all the best researched and presented new diverse theories that deeply and diversely explain this common issues from diverse angles and perspectives (Eller 2014).

            However, there are several ideas that can be learned from comparing and contrasting Tuner and Greertz symbolic/interpretive approaches with cognitive approaches by Boyer and Keller/Lehman to religious symbolism…

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