Renewable Source of Energy

Renewable Source of Energy

Renewable Energy

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Sources of renewable energy are those that that are not depleted no matter how much energy is depleted but they are always replenished. Some sources are different from the fossils fuels and the natural gas. Some of the renewable sources of energy include solar energy, Wind energy, hydropower biomass as well as the geothermal energy. The source that will be discussed in this paper is the solar energy

This is a type of energy that is from the sun, and that is changed into electrical or thermal energy. The sunlight produces solar energy which is referred to as photovoltaic, and the warmth produces the solar thermal for the production of heat. The solar power is attained from the sun where it is harnessed using mirrors as well as solar panels. For example, the photovoltaic cells directly convert the light to be electricity using the photovoltaic effect. The solar panels, on the other hand, are used for absorbing the heat sun and transfer it to the proper installation (NHTSA, 2014)…………

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