Reporting Breaches

Reporting Breaches



Describe a situation in your internship, or previous work, where you have taken account of compliance (legislation) in fulfilling your ICT task, and why. If you have not already experienced such situation, describe a situation win your internship where you will need to take account of Australian legislation in fulfilling your ICT task, and why.

Write approx 250 words in your initial answer to this.


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While fulfilling ICT related tasks, it is important to consider legislation to avoid causing the firm and one’s self liable to a fine. The Privacy Act 1988 is a necessary legislation that informs both government and private agencies on how to handle the information of people. Therefore, anyone in the ICT department, whether concerned with data entry and retrieval or not, should know the aspects of the legislation. In my internment, I will consider the 1988 Act in case a data breach happens. The Privacy Act 1988 requires that organization protect the personal data of people that they hold in their systems. An amendment to the act provided that the organizations have to report any data breach that may lead to loss of data of people (Mandatory Data Breach Notification Scheme). Mandatory Data Breach Notification Scheme was formulated to enhance………..

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