do requirement M-3

do requirement M-3

In the textbook chapter 3, Charles Jennings said: We’re moving to a world that focuses on performance and experience. There is a productivity and performance focus, rather than just a learning focus. If you are a Manager of HR or Training, do you agree it? Why?



Hint: Please reference textbook contents at pages 41-47


Second : Answer the Question

After you read the chapter 3 of the textbook, You should understand how to learn to be a L & D or HR professional. Please reference the textbook pages 54-55 to answer the following questions.


Decision makers within the organization need to be persuaded that L & D and HR bring value and create results that make a difference to the organization’s results. To do that, what should L & D and HR professionals learn to?


  1. Communicate more strategically with the organization’s key decision makers.















write the question First then write the answer down


Answer in question 1 at least 150 word and Answer question 2 must be 5


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do not use any external reference


The only reference is the chapter 3 that I attach it

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