Research Drama Essay

> Develop a 5-6 page reserach essay on the play story attached based on the
> following topic and reserach question:
> *TOPIC*: Father & Sons
> *RESERACH QUESTION*: How does the portrayal of Willy Loman’s life
> indirectly and directly affect the expectations of his sons, Happy and
> Biff?
>  The theme as it relates to sons and fathers, suggests that the main
> character, a father of two sons, strives to make his children what he would
> have them to be instead of who they individually chose to be. Not realizing
> that his own behavior primarily contributed to their rift.
>  Be sure to include dramatic elements used (i.e. foreshadowing, soliloquy,
> unities, conflict, symbols, style, tone, setting, irony, imagistic
> language, tragic, realism, etc.)
>  *Also be sure to use the following as resource:*
>  Ribkoff, Fred. “Shame, Guilt, Empathy, and the Search for Identity in
> Arthur Miller’s *Death of a Salesman*.” *Modern Drama* 43.1 (Spring 2000):
> 48-55. Rpt. in *Contemporary Literary Criticism*. Ed. Janet Witalec. Vol.
> 179. Detroit: Gale, 2004. *Literature Resources from Gale*. Web. 29 Oct.
> 2013.
>  <
>  *Avoid Wikipedia, <>, blogs, and study guides of any
> kind.*

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