Data should be collected from multiple sources – a process known as triangulation

Research Methodology

So far in your action research paper, you have written a problem statement, research question(s), and a literature review of three peer-reviewed articles. In this module’s Application, you will describe the methodology you will use to collect the data for your study. Your methodology is your data collection plan.

Data should be collected from multiple sources – a process known as triangulation.Your data collection plan will include two ways to collect data that you will use to answer your research question(s). You plan should describe explicitly what data will be collected, how it will be collected, and how it will be analyzed. In all, you will conduct two data collection activities. However, for the peer review, you will only submit the data collection plan.

As you collect data, think of ways to build data collection into the normal activities of your school or organization. Are there strategies you can use to gather and record data during your work day?

Course Objectives

 Describe action research, its process, and relationship to practice.

 Differentiate qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis.

Directions for Completion:

1) Review the “Thinking It Through” scenario in the Module 1 Analysis, especially the section on data collection. If you recall, the data sources in the scenario were a survey, focus group, and interview. Then design a plan to collect data that you can use to answer your research question(s).

2) Begin a new Word or text document. Follow APA (6th edition) format. Use a heading, Methodology, to indicate this section of your paper. Remember to save your document.

3) Record your action research question(s) from the Module 2 Application at the top of your page.

4) You will submit only this data collection plan for the peer review. Describe your methodology by answering these questions for two data sources. For example, if you will use a survey and interview, you should write one paragraph for each source.

 What data do you plan to collect? Are the data quantitative, qualitative, or both?

 How will you collect the data?

 How will the data help you answer the research question(s)? NOTE: Your peer reviews will focus on providing additional insight on how to gather data.

5) Complete the two data collection activities. Use these questions to describe each data collection activity, one well-developed paragraph per question.

 What type of data did you collect? Quantitative, qualitative, or both?

 How did you collect the data?

 How do the data help answer your research question(s)?


Answer Preview…………

While it possible for an ESL educator to teach students, it’s a different story when it comes to understanding and speaking English language. This research endeavors to examine the strategies that teachers can employ to enhance the student’s speaking abilities of English language. After identifying the research questions, this section looks into the methods used in data collection. This study concern will employ a qualitative study design as an action research endeavoring to understand the world of the participants. With qualitative study design, a researcher can position him or herself to find solutions for situation through their assumptions and values in this world (Maxwell, 2013). The research questions informed the methods of data collection, and for this research, it will employ a mixed method of research including interviews and focused-group discussions…………

APA 623 words

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