Research Methods Project

Research Methods Project



For this project, you will write a research proposal using an appropriate research

method and design. In this proposal, you will answer a research question that is based

upon a specific management problem, which will also be selected by you. The

management problem should be one that organizations face today.

Once you select the research problem you are going to address, you will define the

problem in your own context (i.e., your own organization) and narrow the focus of the

research study by writing a specific research question that will guide the creation of

the research proposal.

In this project, you will provide details about how the research study should be

conducted and include the literature review, method, design and data collection

processes. You are not required to conduct the research study, but the proposal

should be detailed enough that the study could be conducted using your proposal as

the guide. Ethical research practices will need to be addressed in the proposal as

well, including how your proposal will ensure the protection of those involved.


Answer Preview…………….

The dynamic business environment has necessitated constant changes within organizations either internally or from the external environment. Effective internal communication plays a critical role in successful change management as it allows all the employees to be on the same page regarding the implementation of change. Global changes as a result of the need for companies to trade in the global markets requires efficient internal………………………..

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