Write on a Research Notebook

Write on a Research Notebook

For your topic, I think you have a good start, but right now, the topic is a bit too general, and needs to be specific more and also needs to be made a bit more debatable.

Instead of what you have here, you might present an argument about how college tuition should be free/reduced. Or about how there should be more assistance for repayment after graduation and why.

Homework Week-by-Week:

Answer Preview……………..

COMMUNITY: Students. ISSUES FACING THE COMMUNITY: High levels of debt, stress, financial difficulties. RESEARCH TOPIC: College debt’s impact on students’ future life choices. NARROWED TOPIC: Various studies and opinions by students show that college debt can have a negative impact on future life choices.  ONCE YOU HAVE RECEIVED FEEDBACK FROM YOUR INSTRUCTOR IN THE WEEK 1 INSTRUCTOR MEETUP QUIZ, FINALIZE YOUR TOPIC AND NARROWED TOPIC, AND ADD THEM TO THE “FINAL DECISIONS” TABLE ON THE COVER PAGE. What has been your own personal experience(s) with this topic? As a student, I had to acquire a student loan so as to help pay my school fees. Also, I have a lot of friends who have acquired student loans so as to pay for their college education. What do you already know about this topic? Where did you get that information? Based on information and statements made by various graduates, student loans can have a negative impact on life choices. This majorly affects financial decisions that graduates make since they are still obligated to pay hefty student loans that they acquired to pay for their higher education……………………….

APA 3481 words

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