Research paper for my College English class

My research paper must be of my future major which is Automotive


-4 pages typed,doble spaced

-12 font, times new roman or arial

-1 inch margins

-MLA citations or APA citations

– in-text citations

Write on anything of your choice really, Because i just need to write a 4 page research paper in why i want to study Automotive,

it can include like the different jobs, how much money the career earns and stuff like that

i dont know if you understand me ?

has to be everything of automotive, and has to be like a First person point of view essay

did i respond you question?

oo you can talk about an Automotive Mechanic like his jobs what he does , how much he earns






preview of the answer..

I have always being fascinated as a kid about cars and the technology behind the construction of the engine. Whenever I see my father checking the engine performing checks every morning before driving sister and me to school, I wonder what would be like to professional automotive mechanic.  Although, my good grades in Mathematics and Science gives the chance to study other popular science major that can lead to more lucrative careers, my choice of automotive is very strong …

1054 words APA

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