research paper fys

research paper fys

it should be 6 pages + works cited

using the links that u choose in the annotated bibliography to complete your work in the research paper.

try to do your best with the basic words but make sure every sentence is clear enough to understand

there is another papers i uploaded to help u out to get a good research paper for this class.

works cited and cite in text

Outline needed

Answer Preview…………….

Ogres in different societies are considered as hideous man-like being and legendary monsters who have been depicted to eat ordinary human beings mostly children and infants who are regarded as their source of power. In various societies, the stories about ogres have been passed from one generation to another and being foretold in multiple community settings. Many children have been brought up into believing that ogres exist in their life and that they terrorize…………………..

APA 1825 words