Research Project Final Research Paper

1450- to 1800 word paper on Performance Appraisals

  • Abstract
  • Statement of the problem (one paragraph)
  • Research question
  • A summary of the past and current research findings in this domain. Address the methodology, reliability, and validity of the research.
  • The theoretical background providing your frame of reference relative of the topic.
  • Recommendations with cited reseearch support.
  • Future projections based on the acceptance of your recommendations.
  • Include at least six peer-reviewed references with the last 5 years, only primary sources, and only one germinal reference. Ensure that no more than 10% of the paper includes direct quotations.


see attached pages for reference, the start of the paper, and the research questions 3 attachments




preview of the answer..

The main objective of this project is to use evaluation data collected through performance appraisal method for a period of six months. A central reason for utilization of performance appraisal in our organization is to improve the performance of each employee. This means that the level of individual employee and the level of entire organization will improve. The data will also facilitate employment decisions like promotions and establishment for employee training …

1644 words APA

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