Research Project Proposal: Causes of Drug Abuse among Adolescents

Research Project Proposal: Causes of Drug Abuse among Adolescents

My research topic is ” Why adolescents use narcotics and other substances ” I have attached my literature review. Do not talk about peer presure a lot cause in the literature review I make other points. This is the final paper for the research project. This paper must be in APA format . My professor said you can submit it like a proposal of a detailed, planned research project and the anticipated results (Future Tense ) .. For the final research paper it is required for you to have the following below

Abstract– Abstract easily understood by general university audience ,Description of research, context, approach, process, and conclusions is clear and concise Link to larger context is clear.

Research question/issue/creative challenge specifically identified and well summarized Goals/objectives/ hypothesis is clear Historical context, assumptions/biases, and/or ethical considerations are present and well-developed Thesis situated clearly within discipline-specific academic framework Thesis connection to specific local, national, global or civic issue(s) is present and well-developed

Methodology/approach appropriate to disciplinary/interdisciplinary focus– Methodology/approach is appropriate, clear,and delineated Procedures of the discipline, and relevant interdisciplinary considerations, are well-presented .Topic clearly

Supporting evidence and body of knowledge findings — Body of knowledge thoroughly discussed Evidence is comprehensively and thoroughly utilized

  • Accuracy and relevance of evidence appropriately questioned; bias(es) identified
  • Multiple perspectives consider
  • Appropriate quantitative and/or symbolic tools are comprehensively utilized

Evaluates, analyzes,and synthesizes information comprehensively an thoroughly.

Conclusions,implications, and consequences—Conclusions,qualifications, and consequences, including value of thesis or creative body of work, are presented and well developed.Significance of what was discovered, learned or created is clearly described. Assertions are qualified and well supported through evidence or developed body of work. Connections to relevant local, national, global, or civic issue(s) are fully discussed.

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I have attached my literature review” –  attached


This is the syllabus  –  attached images

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