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Your research firm has just been asked to bid a project by a leading consumer food manufacturer to investigate a new product development initiative for a revolutionary new cereal. The product definition is still indeterminate as to product scope and needs detailed investigation to develop the critical consumer marketing dynamics. Your proposal must outline the methodology to launch such a consumer cereal research project, define the scope of the research, comparative criteria to justify the attributes and levels of attributes needed to investigate such a product (hint investigate conjoint analysis), the critical features needed to fit each identified MULITIPLE market segment (a very critical aspect is who will the best target audience with substantiation and supporting data). Your proposal must highlight how data will be gathered (not just a survey but a survey plan that captures data in more than one research method), and what the desired results will be for the client company. Be very specific as to the outcome of your client proposal and provide a detail cost estimate of each and every phase.




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Technological developments have led to people completely changing their way of life. People have changed both their socializing and eating habits. For instance, revolutionary cereals have been in great demand in the modern days as they are made from unique and unexpected gradients which are also very nutritious. Based on the increase in demand in the revolutionary cereals, Johnson Research firm has decided to conduct a month market research on customer preferences on the cereal and how to improve its value and quality. The one month research will …

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