Resiliency is critical for people to navigate through life, especially for those with ACES.

Resiliency is critical for people to navigate through life, especially for those with ACES.

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Resiliency is critical for people to navigate through life, especially for those with ACES. In my work as a foster parent, I can see glimpses of how support, consistency, advocating for children’s rights, and focusing on building each child’s coping skills have helped contribute to the development of resilience. Each of the 6 foster children we are raising has experienced ACES. There are trauma, developmental delays, and most likely FASD effects in some form. For the most part, we have been able to keep things consistent by dealing with the ups and downs of different caseworkers and new ideas they might have for the children. We have supported each child emotionally, physically, and mentally. When they need extra care like counseling or school support etc. we set that up. We are part of the everyday reminders of what is expected socially. We teach life skills and have expectations of what they can aim for.

When we go into our children’s community we are extremely grateful for the welcoming and supportive care we receive from aunts, uncles, and band members. That also helps our children. In the Facilitators Guide to Resilience (2016), the article talks about everyone pitching in. In our world our extended family, children’s services, support workers, and the children’s band all pitch in to help create an opportunity for these children to change their circumstances.


Working in health care setting as a lead Social Worker in Psychiatry, I am able to contribute enormously to the health and wellness of the clients that come into the facility seeking psycho-social assistance to better manage and be resilient in the adversities that they face in the life cycles. As a social worker a psycho-social assessment comprised of holistic view with bio psycho-social, socio-economic status of clients and the adverse circumstances that they are faced with is evaluated initially to understand the person in the environment factors that affect the bio psychosocial aspects of the health and wellbeing.

“Resilience, like health, is a personal experienced state an d reliably evaluated by the concept of ‘self-rated health’ ” (Bennett et al, 2018). Most people who gets admitted to psychiatry are not at a point where they are able to understand their own “self-rated health” concerns as they are faced with such adverse trauma and are at a point where they need professional consultation to get through the psychotic episodes that they are faced with due to coping with the resources that they have at hand with them without enough support therefore, their resilience levels are at a low rate prior to admission. Getting them re-integrated back in to the society with supports and resources in placed are the responsibility of the team of health care professionals. Team collaboration with Psychiatrist, Physician, Physician Assistant, Med students, Social worker, Occupational therapist, Physio therapist, Recreational therapist, Spiritual health care, and patient care managers are contributing to the wellbeing of the person in the environment to support and provide high resiliency factors to get the person out of the adverse affects and provide healing, to be resilient is part of the treatment teams collaboration of practice model.

Mindfulness meditation, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Dialectical behavioral therapy is provided for clients according to their needs along with the psychotropic medication that is provided by the medical and psychiatric teams for healing and resilience. Strong resilience factors can be provided with better support systems along with family and friends in their social system to manage the adversities better. A narrative of the person, with the evaluation of Addiction issues, socio economic issues, employment aspects, family dynamics are some of the chaos that can be better supported with counselling, treatment, alternative medicine and medical, psychiatric management of the clients who seek emergency medicine and psychiatric resources. Holism to ensure that the person is understood with all of the psycho-social aspects is salient in resilience work that health care professionals do with the clients for health and wellness.

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