Resource Conservation and recovery Act

Pick an item (topic) from chapter one that you see it is interesting or important and write about 300 words about it! You can use other sources to support your essay but the source provided should be used and be the main one! “Chapter one will be attached!”

INSTRUCTIONS NOT FOLLOWED:The write wrote about a basic topic which is an introductory and its categories, what he did is more of definition, and also did not use the attachment as a main source. I am asked to write about an item that is important and interesting that can be by choosing the topic and doing a quick research, and then write about it by using the main source and other source. There are some important or interesting topics such as Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). The topic needs to be somehow specific not too general like introduction to hazard waste.

preview of the answer..

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act usually give the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) the mandate to control the disposal of the hazardous wastes. These wastes range from minor to extremely dangerous wastes. The Act gives EPA the mandate to ensure that the transportation, treatment and disposal of wastes is done in the most appropriate manner. This is aimed at ensuring that these wastes do not end up bringing about harmful effects to the environment. In 1986, the Act was amended in order to give EPA power to handle cases resulting from underground petroleum pollution. This amendment was brought about by the fact that there were numerous environmental problems that were caused by petroleum tanks stored …

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