Respond to others’ paper

Respond to others’ paper

read your group members’ papers, and comment on:

  • Similarities seen in the family histories.
  • Differences you noticed in the histories.
  • What you learned about each other.

My paper is Law102assign1.doc

you have to respond to paper name Le102assign1.docx and (Links to an external site.)

respond/review what the other two students say, about 250 words each
There are two students to reply to, one paper is attached, the other is on the link
Indicate the student name to which your are responding to. the student names are included in the assignment.

Answer Preview…………….

Having gone through our family histories, it is true that we share several similarities. For instance, we both identify our roots in Chinese- Vietnamese culture and our lifestyle is a product of chines- Vietnamese culture.  It is also evident that our great-grandparents were business people though in different locations and also dealt with different products.  Another significant………….

APA 524 words

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