Explain why its an inductive argument.

Explain why its an inductive argument.

For this discussion board, think of an inductive argument that you or someone else you heard use in the past week. Break the argument down into its premise(s) and its singular conclusion. Explain why its an inductive argument.


In 2-3 paragraphs:

  1. What was the argument, and who made it? Why is it an example of an inductive argument?
  2. What were the premises? How do you know?
  3. What was the main conclusion? How do you know?
  4. Then, use the 4 Criteria for Evaluating Causal Arguments (page 229) to further assess the argument.


In 1-2 paragraphs:

Critique a classmate’s example and evaluation. Was the example given an accurate representation of an inductive argument? Do you think they were thorough in their evaluation? In what ways? Are there areas of their evaluation that can use improvement?

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