Week 7: Controversial Art and Censorship


“The Dove” is a portrait by Romare Beardan. This portrait was created during a very controversial time in our nation’s history. It was created in 1964. “Bearden’s meaning is identical with his method. His combination of technique is in itself eloquent of the sharp breaks, leaps of consciousness, distortions, paradoxes, reversals, telescoping of time and surreal blending of styles, values, hopes, and dreams which characterize much of African American history” (Sayre, 2013). During this time in our nation’s history the segregation between black and white Americans was being challenged. “The sense of a single black American identity, one containing the diversity of black culture within it that Bearden’s work embodies” (Sayre, 2013). “Bearden began using clippings from glassy magazines, which were relatively new, and he made use of the highly modern aspects of popular culture in his artworks. By combining the materials of commercial life with political concepts and empowering narratives, Bearden imbued his work with the spirit of the times” (Rosen, 2016). Just looking at this portrait induces such heartache for me. I can’t imagine not having the same rights as someone else just based on the color of my skin. I think Bearden does an amazing job of creating through art what he and his fellow African Americans were going through at this time.It’s interesting because you can almost feel how no matter where he turned he was always having to fight for his rights, whether it was politics, music, or art.


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Week 7: Controversial Art and Censorship

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Although controversial art is not a topic exclusive to the 20th century, the distribution of information regarding controversial art has increased with the proliferation of media. Please discuss an example of a 20th century controversial work of art from any discipline of the humanities (music, literature, sculpture, film, etc.) and an accompanying statement from the artist(s). Based on your example, to what extent does controversial art make a social contribution? Are governments ever justified in censoring art?


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