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Choose an area that you learned about in this course and connect it to the present day. Why did you choose this particular material? Identify two (2) specific concepts you learned in the course that surprised or intrigued you, and explain why.

The area that I learned about in this course that connects to the present day is slavery. I chose this particular material because it still exists. Its definently not as bad as it was back then, but it still exists nonetheless i.e. human trafficking. One concept that intrigued me was that slavery help build a world economy. The range of slave occupations in cities was vast. Domestic servants dominated, but there were carpenters, fishermen, coopers, draymen, sailors, masons, bricklayers, blacksmiths, bakers, tailors, peddlers, painters, and porters. Although most worked directly for their owners, others were hired out to work as skilled laborers on plantations, on public works projects, and in industrial enterprises. A small percentage hired themselves out and paid their owners a percentage of their earnings.

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Slavery began in the early 1800’s before the occurrence of the civil war and is still connected to the present day as many actions that different people conduct some up as slavery. In addition to the post many people especially those employed in a different organization are treated……………..

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