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Respond to Student

Reply back to my two of peers with 75 words each regarding, Choosing to be a police officer as a profession can be both rewarding and dangerous. Why would you or why did you choose to become a police officer?

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Response to Classmate 1

As you have stated, it is true that many reports are showing that police officers use excessive force. However, a study conducted shows that only 2.1 percent of the suspects were arrested using excessive force and that differs from the reports in the media. I agree with you that the police officers should use minimum force where possible and excessive should the suspect be armed and threaten to fight back. I also agree that the officers should get quality training to keep cases of excessive use of force low.

I agree with you that police officers should use whatever force that is necessary to arrest a suspect. If the suspects are armed and dangerous, the officers should use excessive force to protect themselves and the citizens from these dangerous criminals. If the suspect complies or attempts to run away, it would be illegal to use excessive force as you have stated. I also agree that there are reports of harassment and discrimination……

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