Response to Students

Response to Students

Describe how leaders manage and balance the duties of corporate governance, compliance, and regulatory issues with the needs of their stakeholders, while also satisfying competitive demands of the marketplace. Use citations and references in APA style.
In response to your classmates, comment on their description of leadership duties regarding managing and balancing governance and decision-making processes for their impact on stakeholders and corporate culture. Do you agree or disagree with their evaluation? Cite specific examples supporting why you agree or disagree.

Refer to the Discussion Rubric for directions on completing these discussions.

220 words
refs and cite
dont mind the classmates posts for now
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As you have stated, it is true that effective corporate governance needs directors, CEO and senior management that are dedicated and focused on the goals of the company’s long-term value. I also agree with you that compliance, corporate governance, and regulatory issues should be considered when making decisions. It is true that the leader should lead by example, for instance, he or she should adhere to the set code of conduct and take responsibility for his decisions. It is also true that senior managers play a critical role in the company specifically that of updating the shareholders on the organization’s performance……….

 APA 219 words

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