Some people may believe that developing a portfolio throughout a program creates a hassle for them.

Please write a 100 word response for each discussion response

There are 2 responses. Please write a 100 word response for each discussion response.

1. Melissa:

Some people may believe that developing a portfolio throughout a program creates a hassle for them. I personally believe it to be very beneficial for all students. A benefit of developing a portfolio is that it demonstrates growth throughout the program of study. It displays how a student might have started off rough in the beginning of the program but managed to gain control at the completion of the program. When a student sees the progress and quality of the assignments, it makes the program all worth it. Maintaining a portfolio keeps up with assignments that are very essential. This allows for students to go through the portfolio and look over past assignments. Taking a look at past assignments will aid the students in future assignments as well. Also, a portfolio demonstrates how well students are able to retain the information taught to them in the different courses. Another benefit of developing a portfolio is self evaluations. Self evaluations allow the students to focus on what type of students they are and what type of students they aspire to become throughout the program. A portfolio is beneficial because it demonstrates a reminder of the achievements that were accomplished throughout the program. Every student wants to be reminded of the great work that he or she has done. It gives the students the feeling of success. Being a well organized student is another benefit in developing a portfolio because it is very important and aids in the successful completion of the program of study. Portfolios are essential to being a student and every student needs to develop one.

2. Jacob: A professional portfolio provides a space where I can plan and think in-depth on my career. It also helps me to identify my strengths and find ways to build on those. When I develop the portfolio, it will create a sense of achievement, builds self- confidence provides an opportunity to conduct an in-depth self- evaluation, and develops skills of reflection. I think of five challenges of developing a good portfolio that may arise for me. I do not want my portfolio to become a paper trail. Second, controlling and assembling the portfolio is time-consuming. Third, trying to find a format can be complicated. Fouth, the portfolio can create an atomistic approach.

Last but not least, the portfolio can focus on the functional aspects of practice without looking at the big picture. I plan to overcome these challenges by planning by thinking upon the critical dimensions. Planning can help me professionally, as well. I have to find the correct format to make the portfolio more impactful. Instead of making a paper trail, I need to highlight essential skills and knowledge in my particular field. It is also vital for me to define my strengths clearly, and always keeping updating my portfolio to keep pace with changing career opportunities and skills developed. The portfolio is a living document. It will evolve. It is a personal reflection of who I am. I can use it in my job search, during the interview, and even when I am employed at my performance review.


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The peer suggests that it is imperative that each student develops a portfolio for their program due to the benefits that are associated with such a plan. I think developing such a framework can allow a student to track the progress that they are making in their course. One can develop performance indicators that ascertain the manner in which each goal in the program will be achieved. Doing this can also help an individual to prioritize some of the matters that they come across when they are pursuing their program. There are many distractions that one observes and according to the peer, such a framework can allow an individual to avoid such distractions…………….

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