Resume Writing Tip

Resume Writing Tip

For a paralegal

Give at least one tip in reference to drafting your resume. YOU MAY NOT REPEAT THE TIP SOMEONE ELSE HAS GIVEN. If you post late, you must look harder (or research) for a new tip. Tell why you think the tip is important. Since you must list your work experience in a resume, list at least one job that you’ve had, what your responsibilities were, and how you could connect that job and those responsibilities to the legal job search.

1 pg at most

make up something relevant where u have to, for a paralegal

Answer preview……….

Resume writing is perhaps one of the most vital skills for any professional from any field. For those in the legal field, a good resume is an invaluable tool for getting meaningful employment and showcasing their expertise and experiences to prospective employers. In my view, it is critical to use personal stories in the resume. The reason for this is that stories sell. Using narrative is one of the most distinguishing factors between successful people and the unsuccessful. A good personal story will set you apart from the other applicants. H.R. personnel are trained to cut the number of candidates to a small number. In this regard, they are not looking so much at the paragraph talking about your qualifications because every other applicant has those minimum qualifications….

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