review Healthy People 2020 Nutrition & Weight Status Website


review Healthy People 2020 Nutrition & Weight Status Website.  Look through the “Overview” section.  Then go to the “Objectives” section.  Review all of the listed objectives for 2020.  Identify one objective(s) (or more) that is most interesting to you and describe WHY.  Identify one (or more) objective(s) that is least interesting to you and describe WHY. 200 words


Do you know someone who may have a drug problem? What steps, if any, have you taken to help that person? If you were using drugs and felt that things had gone out of control, what would you want  your friends to do for you? (hint: see page 162 “Take Charge If Someone you Know Has a Drug Problem”) Justify your answer. Respond to at least two other students. 200 words


Many food additives are currently approved for use and are recognized as “GRAS” (generally recognized as safe) substances.  Review the text p.231-12th ed. (Additives in Food, Food Irradiation and Genetically Modified Food)  & p. 218-13th ed. (Additives in Food and Food Biotechnology) and the article: “Chemical Cuisine Learn about Food Additives” by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. 200 words

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The most interesting objectives from this website is the Weight Status Objective. The purpose of this objective is to reduce the number of adults and children that are overweight and obese. For this objective to be achieved, Americans will have to completely change their lifestyles. This objective is interesting..

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