Revise Final Presentation

Revise Final Presentation

Please Revise final presentation based on teacher’s feedback and my rough drafts. Try to incorporate all info and address EACH RUBRIC ITEM.


Teacher Feedback:


Scientific Background: Nice overview. You give a thorough background on GMOs and why their is an “issue” to research. However, is it always good when a GMO can out compete a natural or native plant/organism? There are many examples where plants and animals not native to an area were introduced and then led to the harm or native plants and animals. Why is this a problem? Here are some examples of invasive species:

Could GMOs be considered an invasive species?
Audience: Nice examples! I can see how your audience would be interested in the results of GMO research.
Empirical Evidence: Please present this information not about what sources you chose, but what your sources say, the evidence they give that support your findings on your issue.
Personally: This is not included.
Investigation: This is also missing.
Message: In your final presentation, be sure to tailor your message (in particular the introduction and empirical evidence) to your chosen audience. Using the terminology you have indicated they would understand and any visuals or other techniques you thought would be helpful for your audience.
Articulation of Response: Nice work including in-text citations and a properly formatted reference list.




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Answer Preview…………….

I have chosen to research the effects of genetically modified crops and plants on pollinating species, such as bees, birds and butterflies. I have always been fascinated by nature’s ability to pollinate and spread plant species naturally as well as pollination being part of the food chain. I believe pollination to be significant component to our ecosystem and genetically modifying our crops and plants has had a negative impact on the pollinating species that rely on them for survival. The introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) may have an adv………

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