Rhetoric analysis

Rhetoric is the art of persuasion, analyzing the
rhetorical features of a text can illustrate how the form of a text affects its content.
In this 500 – 700 word essay, you will be analyzing the rhetorical features of a
music video of your choice in order to make a larger claim about how the text functions.
First, with a group of 4 – 5 people, you must choose one singer or band to work
with. Though you will all be working with the same artist, each group member must
choose a different music video or recorded performance of a song to analyze.
Next, you must identify the rhetorical features of your chosen text: What is the
rhetorical situation in which the performance takes place? Can you identify a specific
exigency for the piece? Does the text seem to emphasize ethos, pathos, or logos? Or
some combination of the three? How does the text fit into or push against established
genre conventions? How does the rhetor position him or herself in the text?
Finally, you need to make a larger claim about the text. This claim could be
about the overall effectiveness of the text; it could relate to the consistency of the artist’s
projected identity; it could connect the text to a larger cultural situation; it could consist
of a comparison between two different performances and the different effects of each
(note that this option would require you to choose two videos to analyze); etc.
You will be working with your fellow group members to generate ideas

Our group artist is Eminem and the music video that the essay will talk about is Eminem – Not Afraid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5-yKhDd64s

other group members music videos are Eminem when i’m gone, Eminem lose yourself and, Eminem mockingbird.

music page on Wikipedia may help





preview of the answer..

Rhetorical analysis of Eminem’s music video, “Not Afraid”

            In this music video, Eminem is trying to prove that he is not afraid of what he is going through. This is based on the title of the music which suggests that he is not afraid to do anything that he wants. The lyrics of this song are rebellious as they are calling on listeners to join hands and do things that they want even if their parents and guardians are against it. It is clear today that Eminem is one of the most popular artists among the young generation today. This is the reason why his songs are very popular among college and high school students who at the same time do not have freedom to do anything they want as a result of their parents or guardians. This music video therefore urges to forget about the world and do anything that pleases them since it …

594 words APA

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