The Right to Protest Discussion

The Right to Protest Discussion

This is a discussion question and should be answered accordingly and all requirements answered. Also, below is the grading rubric used to grade discussion questions.

The Right to Protest – Please respond to the following MAIN DISCUSSION QUESTION (use paragraphs to separate responses):

  • Identify a recent protest in the US from the past year.
    • Describe the issue or issues that were protested, who the protesters were, and what their actions were.
    • Explain and discuss if there were counteractions, such as counter-protests, retaliation, or extra security visible during the protest.
    • Do you think the government, universities, or businesses have the right to censor protests (threaten protesters with legal action or disciplinary action for protesting), or set limits on protests (including social media) such as where and when protests can happen by citizens/students/employees?
    •  Watch Media

STUDENTS, To help you get started, this week we will be learning about civil rights and civil liberties. Notice the difference. Civil rights are the rights of individuals to receive equal treatment and to be free from unfair treatment or discrimination in a number of settings including education, employment, housing and more based on certain legally protected characteristics. Civil liberties are the rights we are guaranteed in the constitution. Examples include freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to privacy, the right to be free from unreasonable searches of your home, the right to a fair court trial, the right to marry and the right to vote.

  • Discussion Grading Rubric (score chart):Instructions: discussion posts are required each week:Total= 20 possible points

    10 points -Critical Thinking Skills
    Content/Subject Knowledge
    Demonstrated in the Main Discussion Post 6 points -2nd reply choice post to at least one
    other student or to Professor’s extra questions2 points -Coherence & Organization2 points -Writing Mechanics 
    Instructions: Write your reply to the Main Discussion which is always located at the top of the page. Also write your 2
    nd reply to another student or to any of my extra 2nd reply choice questions and videos located down in the discussion thread.
    Entries that earn good grades will follow the instructions, answer the questions thoroughly, be well-written, discuss, analyze or explain substantive information from the text. You should submit an original response of your own, not copied from fellow students, from the text or the internet. Any such violation of this directive will result in a grade of zero for plagiarism. When writing your discussion and answering the question you should:- Give substantive, well-reasoned and thoughtful comments
    – Be written in correct English grammar
    – Reply to one main discussion question option.
    – And Reply to at least 1 other student or to the professor’s 2nd reply choice questions, comments or videos.
    – Post your replies on at least 1 day
    – Your main discussion should be a minimum of 140 words

Answer Preview…………….

In third June this year, Aljazeera reported a protest in Pittsburgh following the killing of an unarmed black teen named Antwon Rose by a police officer who was investigating shooting incidence in the neighborhood (2018). Protestors who were majorly blacks and human rights…………………..

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