Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis


For the Harry & Mae’s Case Study:

  • Write a short Executive Summary section for your risk analysis report. This should summarize the most important risks and recommendations that an executive manager would read.
  • Include an Overview section that describes the risk analysis, how it was assessed, and the scope of the analysis.
  • Include a short description of the analysis steps. You should list in order the various components of the analysis report used for the midterm like Identifying Critical Assets, Determining the Threats and Vulnerabilities, etc.
  • Finally, include a findings summary. This is your synopsis of the risks you found, their risk ranking, and potential mitigation steps.

Place all of the above in a single Word. Your document should be professional with correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Answer Preview…………….

The significant risk that was faced by Harry and Mae’s Inc was that their security system was compromised and this made the hackers be in a position to access the credit card data of the customers. The risk entailed lowering the reputation of the company as well as the consumers were at a very high risk where all their money could get lost. To avoid such threats in the future,……………

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