Risk analysis

answering the questions “what have you learned? what measures can the company take to avoid—or at

least minimize—some of the legal pitfalls facing us? what should we do?”

include a risk avoidance plan covering


international law

contract law

in a 1150 words paper

must be with no plagiarism, release of founds will be until plagiarism check and approval is done

minimum of 2 sources from the usa

format paper in apa

work must be original and not only citations

Answer preview..

There are several things I have learnt from this case. The first thing is that an airline is not necessarily liable for any delayed or canceled flights. This is because there are some situations that are deemed to be beyond the control of the carriers. In such cases, the airline is likely to refund the ticket even if it belongs to the category of non-refundable tickets. At the same time, airlines are not responsible for any inconvenience they cause their clients. As a result of these aspects, the American airline was not responsible for any of the things Jones went through. In fact, it had done its part..

1220 words APA

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