Risk Management

*Resource: *Overview of Information Systems and Technology Paper assignment
> from Week One
> *Review *the information selected for the Overview of Information Systems
> and Technology Paper assignment from Week One.
> *Explore *your system’s vulnerabilities, and address the nature of
> potential internal and external threats and natural or unintended events
> that may jeopardize it.
> *Determine *what levels of security are appropriate to secure the
> information system while allowing a maximum amount of uninterrupted
> workflow.
> *Write *a 4 page (each page 300 words) paper that describes principles of
> risk management as they pertain to the chosen system and its associated
> technology.
> *Format *your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
> *Click* the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment
> input 3 credible references and use subtitles




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In simple terms, risk management refers to a process of identifying, classifying, and prioritizing risks. Many organizations or businesses engage in this process in an attempt to monitor, control, and mitigate potential risks. Risks can arise from internal project factors that include the use of a new technology, recruitment of new project team members, internal dependencies, and resource constraints. Risks may also result from external project factors such as competitive pressures, accidents, legal liabilities, and the current state of financial markets (Frame, 2003). This analysis presents a detailed review of the electronic inventory tracking …

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