The main topic is about robotics and robotic arms


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The main topic is about robotics and robotic arms.  use the audio file as the main resources for the paper for now.

. And a very important thing that you should know is that the third paragraph is the most important part, therefore, plz focus on the third paragraph. And I think this technology is sustaining innovation, but there are no right or wrong answers.

And here is the specific instruction from the professor which is same as last time:
After each technology discussion, write a 1-page report to be submitted prior to the next class. The report will have three sections, a one-paragraph summary of the technology, a one-paragraph description of how this technology could be used in your market, or in your life, and a final third paragraph discussing on why you believe this is, or is not, disruptive technology in that market. One of the learning objectives of this class is the ability to describe technologies to non-engineers, so your grade on each paper will include a component for how clear, concise, and grammatically correct your paper is, as well as its accuracy.

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A robot is a machine or tool created to interact with the physical world to simplify works that humans find boring or monotonous and to reduce the expensive cost of human capital in technical activities. As a direct result, robotic innovations are projected to cause job loss for lots of humans in various industries. For instance, the pool cleaning robot that combines the service of chlorination with that of cleaning the pool to get rid of all sorts of dirt. Additionally, the robotics industry extends to collaborative robotic arms providing different industrial………….

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