The Role of the Operating Manager in Information Systems

Click the above link to read a case study from the 7th edition of Managing Information Technology. Write a debriefing report to include issues that arose in the case study; give suggestions for improvement for the future to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for MSCC that details the following:

  • Recommendations for role modification
  • Recommendations for third party vendor contract (specifically Unitrak)
  • Recommendations for adopting new information technology in the future.

Label each section clearly.

The report should be 2-3 pages in length, well-written, and in conformity with APA formating




preview of the answer..

The success of any business organization primarily is determined by the ability of the management of the organization to exercise conscious approaches to issues that relate to maximizing profitability. Such issues could be the adopting and incorporation of new technologies and proper job specifications for employees at different quarters of the organization. The 7th edition of managing information technology provides a case study of an organization which has found itself exposed to different mishaps as it endeavors to incorporate new trends in the organization and maximizing profitability at large  …

587 words APA

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