The following were the requirements and I want the tutor to focus on introduction, the reliable sources and the conclusion

Rachel cusk, in her essay The age of rudeness, implies that rudeness has become standard, and acceptable social code.

Assignment: what is rudeness to you and is it acceptable in some circumstances? Why/Why not.

To help you with your essay, think about the language used in different cultures, in social media, familial and generation relationship, school, politics, friendships.


Be sure to include a reliable sources. You may use the following five reliable newspaper: The New York Times, The wall street journal, the wasington post and the los angeles times.

You must have 3-5 reliable sources, with end page and in text citation in MLA style

 writing urgent description 1 pages, Double Spacing

please do the introduction and the reliable sources and the conclusion first , and just briefly give another paragraph of what is rudeness to you and is it acceptable in some circumstances? Why/Why not.

Answer preview………….

Mark Cadwell quotes Amy Vanderbilt in the first chapter of his book A Short History of Rudeness saying, “…some of the rudest and most objectionable people I have ever known have been technically the most `correct'” (Caldwell). From the statement, it is clear that even though rudeness is usually perceived as a negative thing, it is indeed useful in some cases. The statement agrees with the New York Times article by Rachael Cusk that was titled, The Age of Rudeness. Therefore, it is important to understand what rudeness means because even though it is usually perceived to be negative, it may have some moral importance in the society………..

 APA 642 words

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