safcasLiterature Reviewsdvfsad

safcasLiterature Reviewsdvfsad

Literature Review is a critical evaluation of peer-reviewed articles, texts, and other sources relevant to your research.  Most Action Research (AR) topics are very specific, you will most likely need to generalize your topics.  For example, if your AR project involves collecting business requirements for a new system, you may not find academic research about collecting business requirements for a new system, but may find information about change management or project management. The paper must contain a minimum of eight (8) peer-reviewed references published within the past 5 years.  Prior to submitting your literature review, review the resources provided in Week 2’s content area.

Literature Review Content:

  • Subject or issue overview (do not rewrite the introduction)
  • Categorized or themed presentation of material supporting and refuting the subject or issue
  • Critical review and comparison of each referenced work
  • Conclusions based on the facts in the literature review

Proposal Content:  This is your plan – review the template, which should provide you with some common ideas regarding how to document your proposal

  • Briefly summarize (a paragraph or two for) each of the proposed (AR) iteration (at least 4 iterations



Iteration should include four points is

  1. Plan
  2. Action
  3. observation
  4. Reflection

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