or example, 4.3.1 the first picture: you need to describe this is a histogram, measure is revenue, dimension is team

SAP Analytics Cloud

Please help me finish the assignment using single space with the citation and references like the sample document content.

I have already finished the title and screenshoot in the document named A2; you can continue to write it.

I just you need the A2 document about each part

For introduction and conclusion part, you should research and finish them.

For example, 4.3.1 the first picture: you need to describe this is a histogram, measure is revenue, dimension is team. We use the sort method to get the RR is the team that had the highest revenue which is 32297789

I hope that you can take a look at my content to make sure it is accurate and can be submitted on time. It may not be polite to say this because it was because there was a tutor before, and after I extended the time, he said that he did not understand.

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SAP Analytics Cloud,

BEX Query Designer,


These three are the software in my assignment


Answer Preview…………..

The SAP analytics cloud helps firms make decisions with confidence. The SAP analytic cloud enables businesses to maintain and streamline all their activities. The tool enables user to achieve data discovery, social collaboration, data visualization and predictive analysis. The benefits of using this tool is the ability of making decisions through mobile phones, collaborating work process and empowered workforce. Grocery chains distribution channel has the number of highest sales. The SAP analytics tools runs on cloud platform hence enabling users to access it from any place at any time and using any device (Ahmed, 2017). This allows users to receive a reliable and high performing solution. The advantage of accessing the program anywhere is that it enables all staff to provide efficient work plan which optimize the business responses. Each staff accessing the system enables them finish their tasks without having interferences from other staff members. The main disadvantage of using the system is that it only runs when the internet is on and requires high connectivity………

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