The scenario of the time bomb terrorist

The scenario of the time bomb terrorist gives you the opportunity to ask yourself what you would do in this extreme circumstance. Consider if you were placed in such a situation — many lives are in danger because of a bomb. You are in a position where you have the terrorist in custody but he or she is refusing to give you the information needed to stop the bomb. Could torturing one person lead to the greater good — saving the lives of many?

In your assignment address each of the following points.

  1. What would a utilitarian do in this situation? Why?
  2. What would a Buddhist do in this situation? Why?
  3. What would you do in this situation? Why?

Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length in APA format.

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Under this situation, utilitarian would torture the suspect in order to obtain the needed information on the whereabouts of the bomb. This is utilitarianism is an ethical principle which holds that a course that is morally upright and meant for the greater good of the society should always uphold (West, 2004). In this situation, many are likely to lose lives whereas other might end up with serious injuries. In this situation, torturing the suspect is likely to produce maximum benefits for all affected individuals. In order to obtain these benefits, any method should be employed as long as it will bring about results. This stems from the fact that utilitarianism does not care the method used to obtain the results, something that justifies the use of violence, which is torture in this case to obtain the critical information..

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