I just received the feedback

the teacher wrote many comments and she is asking to fix the problems

do not delete the comments

Also she is asking to open the track change to see exactly what did I do

please fix then I will have a new pid to start the next part later

this is her general comment;

Overall, you have a good paper. It is a great first start, and I really appreciated the headings. I made multiple comments in the paper to help with clarity. For most of those comments, you either need to add a citation or add sentences to clarify your meaning. For clarity, I am not sure whether you have already determined the characteristics of schools that parents should attend to and whether you want to ask parents if they agree with you, or if you are investigating the characteristics that parents apply when they make their decisions.

Your paper would benefit from a bit of reorganizing of your paragraphs. You seem to have three types of information: information about the people, schools, and funding. You also need to reduce the number of your research questions and ensure that your research questions align with your purpose. We should set up a time to meet outside of class.

You did a really good job of integrating multiple studies into each section. That is a VERY important skill for the research class!

edit on the attached file when the comment section/trcak changes is on. The customer needs to see the changes u make and forward the same to the prof.

when track changes is on, it shows all changes made

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