search and arrest powers of bail bond agents in a selected state

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Study the issue of search and arrest powers of bail bond agents in a selected state. Give a short overview of those powers. Do such agents have too much power to apprehend bond jumpers? Should bail bond agents be more heavily regulated? If so, in what manner? Provide a link to the internet source(s) you researched.

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The United States of America is the only country in the entire world that allows bail bond agents to work. I will base my argument on the powers bestowed on Bounty Hunters in the entire United States in general and the state of Maryland in particular. Bail agencies are basically responsible for making sure that the accused person appears in the court of law on the day of his or her trial (Johnson, & Stevens, 2013).

            Bail bonding agencies act on behalf of the criminal defendant through financial arrangement. However, the given bail bonding agency that is basically acting on behalf of the defendant will organize with the given court so as to have the accused person released from jail pending the given trial in exchange with..

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