select the tool/format for your response to What is Your Profile as a Disciplinary Reader?

My Reader’s Profile

Reader’s Profile

Task: After you have completed the module readings, design your profile as a disciplinary reader. Showcase it and then note how you believe your profile will impact or does impact your experience as an educator.

For this assignment, you may select the tool/format for your response to What is Your Profile as a Disciplinary Reader? It may be an essay, a visual, a web-based response (Adobe Spark, Canva, Smore, etc)– or your choice of another format(powerpoint). I will share with you that I avoid technical reading. I hate the directions that come with build it yourself items. And when faced with that type of text, I immediately gravitate to the pictures. I also have difficulty with some math texts. I cannot wait to get a sense of YOU as a reader and the impact this will have on you as a teacher!

The Mentoring Students in Disciplinary Literacy chapter in the Readings has a great format to use as a starting point. Be sure to read that chapter first!

Use the examples provided in Examples and Resources as ideas for different ways you can construct your project. Notes these projects are from a previous semester and the directions were similar but not exactly the same. Also, these are provided as EXAMPLES–they may or may not have received an A and there may be errors.

Example 1 (Links to an external site.)


Example 2

Example 3


Using headers, include the following:

Background information about your reader’s profile to orient the reader.

  • The identities that most govern what, when, how, and why you read.
  • The arrays of written texts, from formal to informal, that you have read. Include
    • Which of these would you call choice texts—things that you desired to read—and which would you consider obligation texts—things that you, or someone else, felt you needed to read. Reflect on your experiences.

Your profile as a disciplinary reader

  • As readers, we do not read all texts with equal competence, need, interest, and enthusiasm–what do you prefer/avoid–why?
  • How might knowing yourself as reader impact your instruction/classroom practices? Of what should you be aware? This is very important as we think about personal bias.
  • Citations to make it evident you connected to readings. These should be both in-text (see Course Basics) and end references.


  • Why do I need to think about my reading profile? As a teacher, how you think about literacy and how you approach different types of text may impact your instructional planning.
  • Do you have a preferred format for the project? No, but I must be able to open it and it should be a FREE resource. Students have used Canva, Adobe Spark, S’More-there are many options. Remember the example projects are general examples–they are not meant to be exemplars for this semester. Adobe Spark is easy and is free.
  • Should I use headers? Yes, headers help readers locate information, so I always suggest headers.
  • Do I need to cite? Yes! In all assignments, you should cite from the readings!



Thanks for taking the question. If doing a powerpoint would be easy you can do that. Whatever is easier for you. Just want the steps followed.


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