Serial Offender Case Study #1

In 1986 a rash of kidnappings and rapes occurred in the Savannah, GA area.
> In a tri-county area, 17 kidnappings and rapes occurred along with two
> attempted kidnappings at Fort Stewart, GA which is exclusive federal
> jurisdiction. The offender was ultimately identified as “Eric,” a black
> male, about 6’3″ in height and 230 pounds. Eric was muscular in appearance.
> During his attacks he used an unidentified type of handgun to intimidate
> his victims. There were no injuries (other than that sustained during a
> rape) or deaths. Most of the attacks occurred on rainy days or in the
> evening. The two attempting kidnappings on Fort Stewart were prevented when
> the victims were able to flee. Eventually Eric was identified and arrested
> following an attempted attack when he fired his weapon to frigthen his
> victim and witnesses appeared. Eric was identified in a physical lineup by
> three victims. During my interrogation of Eric he provided me with a
> confession. Eric blamed his mother for his crimes. Based upon this
> information, respond to the following:
> 1. How would you profile Eric?
> 2. What type of offender was he?
> 3. If you were able to interrogate Eric, what would you say to gain a
> confession. Why?
> 200 words
> 2 references
> Use subtitles





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Eric’s Profile

Based on the information presented in the case, it is very easy to profile Eric. A major characteristic that be used to describe Eric is his desire to focus or specialize in specific criminal cases such as rapes and kidnappings. He has a black complexion and a muscular body. To commit criminal acts, Eric mostly uses a handgun in an attempt to frighten or intimidate victims. In addition, Eric targeted his victims during rainy days. In my view, he did so in an effort to reduce the chances of being caught or seen in the act …

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