set up an issue of Community Concern>>>> speech

set up an issue of Community Concern>>>> speech


The topic is ” Crime in Milwaukee”

First Speech! Set up an issue of Community Concern

“To achieve the informative speaking goal of increasing understanding and awareness, informative speakers rely on definition, description, explanation, and demonstration. “ (p. 344)

The basic goal of this first speech is for you to set up an issue and inform your audience (classmates) about the history, details and perspectives of this topic. You will do extensive research on your topic and pass both information and interest to your fellow classmates. This is an informative speech. You will not be giving your opinion, taking a stance, or persuading your audience to think a certain way or to take any action. Your audience should come away from the speech with a sufficient understanding of what the issue is and why it is worth their attention. Think of it like they are visiting the “land” of our topic and need an intro for what to know! Your speech must be informed, polished, and audience-aware. You will probably want to choose an issue that you care about, but keep in mind that just because you care deeply about something doesn’t mean others will care about that topic. It is your job to inform your audience in a way that makes it clear why they should give the issue additional consideration.

The opportunity in this speech is to practice making informed, critical decisions about engaging audiences and ideas. That starts with the issue you select. Remember, your issue will connect through all three speeches, building as you go. So take careful time and consideration when thinking about your topic and how it will apply to your future speeches.

Your speech should specifically inform the audience on the following points:

What is the issue?

Why is this issue a concern right now?

Why should this audience care about this issue?

Are there any important historical pieces to understand?

What are the different perspectives involved?

Your speech should:

~Be about 4 minutes! (aim between 3-5)

~Cite at least 3 different and appropriate sources in your speech. All claims of fact and testimony must be cited appropriately.

~Demonstrate clear and purposeful organization.

~The speaker’s manner and body language should be appropriate for the occasion.

~You will turn in your outline online on the day you speak (which includes your work cited!)

Make sure you read the corresponding rubric!


I uploaded the rubric that u should follow it.

In the end you should give me two documents ” the outline, and the speech that I will speaking from”



 speech  communication class  about 4 minuts

Answer Preview…………….

Two years ago, as Victoria Washington was heading home from work, she received a call that most married people get in Milwaukee; her husband, Joel Washington was dead. Washington was going about his daily activities when robbers struck and shot him as he resisted them taking some cash. Six months after the burial of her husband, she was busy cleaning her new home when she got yet another call that her daughter Miriam Joyce was dead. Joyce was…………………

APA 652 words

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